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Dorper and White Dorper World Champs 2022

Please hover over image to find the image name to request high-resolution image. DSTG001 DSTG002 DSTG003 DSTG004 DSTG005 DSTG006 DSTG009 DSTG011 DSTG014 DSTG016 DSTG018 DSTG019 DSTG020 DSTG021 DSTG022 DSTG023 DSTG024

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5 Star Dorper Auction 17.03.2022

Average Dorper Rams R14 275.00 Average Dorper Ewes R7 230.00 Average White Dorper Rams R17 416.00 Average White Dorper Ewes R5 318.00 Highest Price Dorper Ram R50 000.00 Highest Price

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